The office offers Notarial and Legal services in Malta operating from offices in Marsaskala (main office), with sub-offices in Valletta and also in Gozo.


Legal Services are provided in the following areas:


  • Conveyance of Immovable Property in Malta (Sale, Donation etc)
  • Deeds of Loan with Banks, Overdraft Deeds, and ancillary services
  • Managing Successions including successions with an International element
  • Leases and the Publication of other contracts
  • Drafting of Wills for Estate and Succession Planning
  • Affidavits and the administering of Oaths
  • Certification of Documents and other Witnessing
  • Non-Litigious Personal Separation
  • Selection of Marriage Regimes by Public Deed
  • Assistance in Acquisition of Property by Non-Residents


All services are provided by Dr Cory Greenland, Notary Public, or associates. The firm works closely with other local firms specialising in legal litigation services as well as accounting and auditor firms amongst others.

Further information on Notarial Services in Malta can be acquired from the website of the Notarial Council of Malta.